CESSI lectures and colloquium

Upcoming Events

13 September 2017
Promote Science presents a one-day workshop on 'The Physics of Gravitational Waves and LIGO'
CESSI personnel Lekhshmi Madhu, Maitraya K Bhattacharyya and Amar Deo Chandra are a part of this effort
Venue: Serampore College
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Past Events

19 April, 2017
CESSI Colloquia Series: Effect of Active Region Dynamics on Solar Flare Trigger
Speaker: Dr. Sreejith Padinhatteeri (Manipal University)
Time: 12.00 PM
Venue: CESSI LAB, RC, IISER Kolkata

24-26 March, 2017
Workshop: Space Astronomy and Telescope Making
Venue: Auditorium, RC, IISER Kolkata
Space Astronomy and Telescope Making Workshop

6 March, 2017
CESSI Colloquia Series: The Science of Space Weather
Speaker: Judy Karpen (Chief NASA Space Weather Laboratory Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA)
Time: 12.00 PM
Venue: G05, LHC, IISER Kolkata

30 January, 2017
CESSI Lecture: Basics of Optical Astronomy
Speaker: Prof. A.N. Ramaprakash (IUCAA, Pune), Time: 05:00 PM Venue: CESSI Lab

1 December, 2016
CESSI Seminar: Kodaikanal Digitised data archive and long term study of the sun
Speaker: Dipankar Banerjee (IIA, Bangalore), Time: 04.30 PM Venue: CESSI Lab

23 November, 2016
CESSI Seminar: Dynamical imprint of Dark Matter & Interstellar gas on the spiral structure in disk galaxies
Speaker: Soumavo Ghosh (IISc, Bangalore), Time: 2:30 PM Venue: CESSI Lab

17 to 21 October, 2016
International Astronomical Union Symposium 328 will be held at
Maresias, SP, Brazil

10 to 13 May, 2016
ASI, 2016: The 34th Meeting of the Astronomical Society of India will be held at
the Kashmir University, Srinagar from May 10 to 13, 2016.

20 April, 2016
CESSI Colloquium: Extreme Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of the Solar Corona and its Energetic Events
Speaker: Abhishek Srivastava (IIT-BHU), Time: 11.00 AM Venue: CESSI Lab

19 April, 2016
CESSI Colloquium: The Quiet Thunder of Gravity in the Cosmos
Speaker: Rana Adhikari (Caltech), Time: 4.00 PM, Venue: LHC Room 107

5 March, 2016
DPS day, 2016: Department of Physical Sciences, IISER Kolkata is organizing
departmental day, on 5 March, 2016, Saturday.

24 to 29 January, 2016
Science for Space Weather Conference: SSW Conference along with
the school 'Introduction to Space Weather: Concepts and Tools' is to be held at
Goa, India from 24 to 29, January, 2016.

9 January, 2016
Prof. H. M. Antia from TIFR will give a lecture on 'Helioseismic Inversions' at CESSI

8 January, 2016
Mr. Soumitro Hazra shall defend his doctoral thesis at the CESSI Lab. The defense shall begin at 2:30 PM.