Public Lectures
CESSI organizes public lectures by eminent personalities from the field of science, technology and education to convey the excitement of scientific research and discovery to the public, with a focus on students. Past public lectures are highlighted here.

Public Outreach Events
CESSI organizes outreach activities targeting science students and school students with the focus being on astronomy and space sciences. Our outreach activities are highlighted here.

Promote Science Mission
Promote Science is a science outreach mission supported by CESSI which is run by research scholars of IISER Kolkata on a voluntary basis. The main goal of this mission is to enhance scientific awareness in our society and schools regarding career opportunities in diverse scientific disciplines.

CESSI Faculty Advisors for Outreach: Dibyendu Nandi, Rajesh Nayak
Managerial Assistance: Nabamita Das
CESSI Student Volunters: Lekshmi B., Maitraya Bhattacharyya, Amar Deo Chandra, Soumyaranjan Dash, Rajashik Tarafder, Suvadip Sinha

Contact: cessi@iiserkol.ac.in